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What is telehealth?

 Telehealth, sometimes referred to as telemedicine, is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to extend care when you and the patient aren’t in the same place at the same time. Technologies for telehealth include videoconferencing, store-and-forward imaging, streaming media, and terrestrial and wireless communications. Telehealth services may be billed and paid differently, depending on the payer/insurer you’re working with and your geographic location


In Home, Convenient, Expert,
Local Healthcare at Affordable Prices

According to the official U.S. Government site for Medicare, home health care is usually less expensive, more convenient, and just as effective as care you get in a medical office, hospital, or skilled nursing facility.
We offer doctor house calls and doctor video call services including primary care, lab work, short-term episodic care, and ultrasound.
Our team of health care providers serve the greater Los Angeles including the Antelope Valley.
We keep patients healthier and living longer in a home or community setting.

Type of Services

  • General health care, like wellness visits

  • Prescriptions for medicines

  • Dermatology (skincare)

  • Nutrition counseling

  • Urgent care (to address common conditions like sinus infections, back pain, urinary tract infections, rashes)

  • Remote monitoring services (where you might use a device that sends information to your provider about your vital 

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